IF: Food Garden Ideas

spiral herb garden

Since launching the Grow Your Own Food Challenge over at Eat Drink Better, I’ve been doing a much better job at keeping my containers of food plants alive. This little victory has me wanting to expand my edible plants, and what better way to round up some ideas than an inspiration board?

A bit of searching turned up all sorts of garden inspiration. Some edible, some that would translate well to edibles. Check it (clockwise from top left):

food garden inspiration board

  • I am drooling over this spiral herb garden. Our yard is full of bricks for some reason, so this would be really easy to do!
  • How cool is this vertical garden planted in reclaimed gutters?
  • I’m in love with this grass lawn transformed into an edible front yard!
  • This heart is made from daffodils, but you could totally do this with herbs like lavender or use edible flowers for a similar effect that’s edible!

Are any of you guys growing your own food? I’d love to hear about your gardens, too!!

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