IF: Necktie Crafts to Bust Your Stash

DIY bird necktie

You guys, I am not sure what happened but I am NECKTIE CRAZY lately! I think it happened when I revamped my studio space and discovered a huge stash of vintage neckties that I’d forgotten about, but I can’t stop thinking about neckties! Here are a couple of the necktie crafts I’ve been working on, along with a few that I might try out if I have any ties leftover after this crazy obsession of mine calms down a bit.

necktie crafts

  1. A quickie scissor holder from a necktie by yours truly at Green Upgrader
  2. A necktie headband from PiperKins
  3. Very cute necktie scarf on CraftStylish
  4. Super adorable necktie flowers on Craftster
  5. My tutorial for an applique necktie on Crafting a Green World

Do you have any more ideas for my overflowing necktie stash? I’d love to hear about any necktie crafts you have in the works!

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