Grow Grow Grow: How to Start Seedlings

seedlingsIt’s hard to believe with the crazy, record temperatures out there, but it’s already time to start working on your fall/winter garden, if you’re planning to grow from seed.

I’ve never grown from seed before, so I’ve been doing everything as by-the-books as possible. Before doing anything, I researched each plant I’m going to grow and sorted out where it would live in my garden and whether I could sow directly into the ground or if I needed to sprout seedlings.

It turns out that the fava beans and bok choy can go right into the soil, and the broccoli, kale, and Brussels sprouts need to sprout. So! Last weekend, I got everything that needs sprouting into starter pots, and they’re now sitting under my studio’s window, waiting to sprout. It’s easy as pie to start seedlings! Here’s how:

  1. Purchase your seeds. You’ll want something appropriate for the season, and some seed companies make this really easy. Territorial Seed has a seasonal section that I found really handy.
  2. Get seed pots. You can use a fancy, store bought one like mine (I had this already), or you can make seed pots out of all sorts of recycled materials, like yogurt cups, toilet paper/paper towel tubes, or egg cartons.
  3. Get some potting soil or organic seed starting soil mix.
  4. Fill your starter pots with soil and plant the seeds at the depth specified on the seed packet.
  5. Water every other day, until they sprout!
  6. Once they’re sprouted, you can transplant them to bigger pots or your garden. Yay!

In other news, Molly is fascinated with these babies. Check her out trying to be good and not stick her nose in them:

seedlings and Molly


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