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One of my best girlfriends is getting married, and she’s having an outdoor reception that’s going to be just beautiful! We’re doing some crafty things for the occasion, so I’ve been doing lots of image searches for inspiration. I don’t want to give too much away, so these are just inspirational photos that aren’t necessarily related to anything we’re planning to make. It’s just wedding eye candy for funsies.

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  1. I love the idea of hanging things from the trees, and these mason jar candle holders and clusters of flowers from Elite Bridal are super romantic!
  2. More things hanging from trees! The different shapes of hanging lanterns at Classy Wed are so lovely.
  3. How freaking amazing is this outdoor dance floor with parasols and lanterns all around it? Aaaah!
  4. We’re not going to carve any of the trees, but this photo from Green Prophet gives me some decoration inspiration for sure! It would be super fun to base something we make off of this idea.
  5. More hanging things! Wouldn’t dangly hang tags like these from Modern Bride Guide make fun place-holders? Or maybe folks could write sweet notes to the couple and hang them from a designated tree or bush?
  6. This tablescape from Elizabeth Anne Designs is rocking my socks. I love an indoor rug outdoors! There’s something magical about it.

Have you guys run across any wedding pictures from outdoor receptions? I’m still doing some brainstorming, and I’d love to keep the inspiration going in the comments!

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    • Omggg I love that faux bois thing and the fireflies coming out of the mason jar! I wonder if we could pull something like that off with embroidery or applique?

      And that huge one is!

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