Spotted: Paper Feathers

vegan feathersI love all of the pretty feather imagery out in crafty land lately, but since feathers come from birds, they’re not a vegan craft supply. I shared a tutorial last week at Green Upgrader on how to make your own vegan feathers for craft projects, and I just stumbled upon these awesome paper feathers from Todolwen that are rocking my socks! She’s got a great tutorial showing you how to make your own paper feathers. She used pages from a hymnal, a dictionary, and a very old German text to make hers, but you could play around with all sorts of reclaimed paper for some really fun effects.

These would be lovely on a dream catcher, as part of a table centerpiece, or maybe even just framed in a shadow box and hung up on the wall!

Have you guys run across any other DIY vegan feathers? Sometimes, I really enjoy finding the vegan workaround for animal products, and with feathers there seem to be lots of cool handmade options out there for making vegan feathers!


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