Summit of Awesome, 2011!

summit of awesome 2011

Crafters at the Make Something Awesome table at last year's Summit

Crafters at the Make Something Awesome table at last year's Summit

I mentioned before that I’m going to be talking green crafts at The Summit of Awesome, and since the Summit is coming up soon things are starting to fall into place. Shannon and I got a lot of planning done for our talk, and the fantastical folks at Hello Craft have offered a $25 discount on a 3-day pass for Glue and Glitter readers!

The Summit of Awesome is a three day crafty event featuring panels, discussions, and activities to help you enrich your crafty life. Every year, I come away feeling energized and way more informed than when I arrived, and I hope that some of you guys are coming to this year’s summit on October 20-22 in Baltimore!

The Talk

I’m still totally open to suggestions, if there are aspects of green crafting that you guys would like to hear about. Shannon and I are meeting up later this week to finalize things, so comment or email away if you have anything you find sticky about green crafting. We’re planning to talk about:

  • Why green crafting is important
  • Sourcing materials
  • The green crafty mindset
  • Running a green crafty business.

That might change slightly, depending on feedback from you guys and how things shake out when we start outlining our talk a bit more, but that’s the plan right now.

The Pass

Have you been wanting to attend, but the pass was a bit too pricey? Hello Craft is offering you guys $25 off of a 3-day pass! Just use the coupon code awesome25 at check out to get your discount.

Are any of you guys planning to attend the Summit this year? I hope you can make it to the green crafting panel to say hello!

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Hello Craft

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