The Teal Cat Project

teal cat projectA vegan superstar is selling teal cats to help cat rescue programs make ends meet!

Isa Chandra Moskowitz is one of my cooking heroes, no question. I’ve been following her since I bought a DVD of her public access cooking show, The Post Punk Kitchen, and I own almost every single one of her vegan cookbooks. She’s an amazing cook, and now you can add that she’s an amazing fundraiser to her list of achievements!

What is the Teal Cat Project?

Isa is scouring thrift stores (and you can help!), looking for kitty statuettes. A fresh coat of teal spraypaint and a handmade hang tag later, and she’s upcycled those thrifty finds into the teal cats that she’s reselling for $25 apiece plus shipping. All of the proceeds from the Teal Cat sales go to support cat rescue programs, like NYC Feral Cat Initiative.

They’ve already raised thousands of dollars for feral cats, and they’re just getting started! The teal cats sell out fast, but the Project also sells t-shirts, so if you miss out on a teal cat, you can still get in on the charitable goodness.

How You Can Help

Of course, buying a teal cat or a t-shirt are two very easy ways to support the Teal Cat Project, but you can also make a $5 or $10 donation to the project over at their store.

Money a bit tight right now? Isa is also accepting cat donations. If you have kitty statuettes in your stash or come across some while thrifting, you can send them to her to use in the project! There are a few rules, so check out their Donate a Tchotchke page for deets!

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