Anatomy of a Vegan

When folks find out that I’m vegan, after they tell me that they would die without cheese, they often tell me they couldn’t handle a diet that’s so “extreme.” One of my missions here at Glue and Glitter is show through simple recipes that eating vegan is easy as (home made, cruelty-free) pie!

This infographic, from InfoMonkeys on, looks at some of the numbers behind the vegan movement, and I think some of them are pretty eye-opening. My favorite one is about what vegans spend on groceries, because there’s a misconception out there that a vegan diet is expensive, which is not true at all! It looks like most vegans fall in the $0-$50 or $51-$100 per week range, and I think that shows you don’t need to break the budget to eat vegan.

Check out the graphic (you can click it to view a full-sized version):

anatomy of a vegan

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