Vegan Lunch Recipe: Mashed Potato Bowl

vegan lunch recipe: vegan mashed potato bowl

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I take a lunch break every day. Part of that break is the actual lunch-preparing, and I have to admit that I really look forward to it! When my schedule is on the lighter side, I take the time to whip up more elaborate lunch dishes, but when I’m super busy, like around the holidays, it’s all about speed. That’s when the mashed potato bowl comes in super handy. It’s versatile, delicious, and filling. Everything I could want from a quickie lunch!

It’s a pretty fast and loose recipe, but here are the basics:

Make the Mashed Potatoes

  1. Stab a potato with a fork a few times and cook up in the microwave. This takes 4-5 minutes, usually.
  2. Mash the potato up, skin and all, with a little almond milk, olive oil, hot sauce, and nutritional yeast.


While the potato cooks, prepare your veggies and protein! In the photo above, I used bok choy and mushrooms and topped it with roasted cashews. You can mix this up to use whatever veggies and protein you have on hand. That’s the beauty of the mashed potato bowl!

  1. What are your protein options? If you’re cooking up tofu, tempeh, or seitan, you’ll want to cook them for a few minutes before you add the veggies. If you’re using beans, toss them in at the same time as your veggies. You can also use nuts, which you’ll just throw on top of the finished bowl.
  2. Raid the produce drawer for leafy greens (my favorite!) or any veggies that you dig. Chop them up and pan fry them with some garlic and olive oil while the potato cooks.

Layer it Up!

Grab a bowl, and spoon the mashed potatoes into the bottom, then add the protein and veggies. Top with a handful of nuts (I like cashews the best!) for some extra protein and a little crunch. YUM!

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