Handmade Finds: Lingerie

handmade lingerie set

TMI time! I hate shopping for bras. This is at least partly because I don’t really like wearing a bra, and when I do I tend to go for a bare-bones situation with no padding and no underwire. The thing is, most of the bras I see at stores in my size seem to have all these bells and whistles that really just add up to discomfort.

The other trouble with store-bought lingerie is that it tends to be far from eco-friendly. It’s usually made from conventional cotton or polyester, and who knows what the working conditions were in the factory that produced it. Boo on that! Here’s some awesome handmade lingerie that’s as cute as it is eco-friendly!

This custom bra and panties set from Brook There (pictured at the top there) is crazy. Not only does she make each one custom, but you can choose your fabric and trim colors to make a set that’s 100% you! She uses organic fabric, too. Yay!

organic bra and panties

I love Conscious Clothing! My mom got me a hoodie from her for Christmas, and I wear it all. the. time. When I saw this awesome handmade bralette and panties set, I knew I had to order one. She does great work, and like the set from Brook There, it’s custom made just for you. Mine’s on my way to me, and I can’t wait for it to arrive!

handmade panties

Advika Clothing’s recycled panties are super adorable and really reasonably priced. She’s running a buy two, get one sale right now, and I’m really tempted to pick up a few pairs of these comfy-looking recycled undies.

Of course, there are tons of other eco-friendly, handmade lingerie options on Etsy, too. Have you guys ordered any that you really dug?

If splurging on a new, handmade bra and panties isn’t in the budget, don’t despair! You can make your very own. Here’s a great tute on how to make your own underwear, and here’s one on how to make a lingerie set.

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  2. Oh thanks for this post! I don’t think I have bought a bra in years for the same reasons you stated. I mean, who needs all that padding? And I looked in the kids section, and it is all padding, too. Crazy!! I am going to click some of your links. Thanks, Becky!

  3. Since we all got on board the TMI train, I am just going to add another car…

    Since getting myself properly measured, I discovered I am a 32G, a situation that really calls for underwire for the sake of my back. Do you know if there are any eco friendly options for that kind of sizing?

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