Make and Take: Vegan Cornbread Mix

vegan cornbread mix

I’ve hinted about this on Facebook and on Twitter, and I’m super excited to tell you guys about a project I’m working on this month! A local conference center here in Atlanta is shifting their catering to a more farm-to-table menu, and they’re throwing a launch party to celebrate! One of the features they wanted for the party was a craft project that their 200 guests could take part in, and I am pleased as punch that they asked me to run the crafts table at the event!

Since this event all about food, I pitched them a food-themed craft project. Something that guests could take home. Something that screams Georgia. Something that can help out a local farm, too! We’re going to make lovely Mason jar cornbread mixes, featuring organic cornmeal from one of my favorite local farms!

I want to also include a one-sheeter with some ideas on how folks can re-use their Mason jars when they’re empty. Mason jars are super handy! You can use them to store food, of course, but they also make great crafty storage. Put some dry beans or rice in the bottom, drop a tea light in there, and you have an instant votive! There are lots of other simple ways to reuse these suckers, too! What’s your favorite Mason jar craft project?

I needed to whip up a sample of the cornbread mix for my meeting with the congress center folks later this week, so I took a few photos, in case you want to make your own Georgia Cornbread mix! This recipe is adapted from The Post Punk Kitchen’s amazing cornbread recipe. I upped the sweetener a bit, since I like a sweeter cornbread, and instead of canola oil (which is often genetically modified), I used olive oil. The olive oil gives it a richer flavor, and I just love this cornbread!

Vegan Cornbread Mix

cornbread ingredients

In a quart-sized Mason jar, combine:

  • 2c organic cornmeal
  • 1c white flour
  • 2t baking powder

pouring cornmeal

Cover your jar, and give it a good shake to mix up the ingredients, then you’re ready to decorate! I kept it simple, tying a recipe card to the top and making a simple label for the top. If you want to use my recipe card, you can download a printable one right here. Print it out, cut it out, then punch a hole and use some ribbon, twine, or homemade ribbon to tie to to your jar.

To make the label, just take the circular top of the Mason jar (not the ring, but the disc), and use that as your template. Trace it onto your paper, decorate how you like, and cut it out. Remember when you’re decorating that the ring has a little lip on it, so leave yourself around 1/4″ of space around the edges of your label. I used a Sharpie and cut out a sweet little heart from an old security envelope to decorate my lid.

cornbread label

Once the label is done, you’ll put the metal lid on the jar, put the label on top of the lid, then screw down the ring to secure it in place. Voila! You’re ready to gift some tasty, vegan Georgia cornbread. YUM!

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    • YES! That’s my favorite way to use them! If you include the lids, it means fewer spills, because folks can cap their drinks in between sips.

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  2. How terrific! I love this idea. What a great way to introduce being green and reusing something as simple as a glass mason jar. I can’t wait to try the recipe too – thanks!

    Peace. ;)

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