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in the garden

I know, it probably feels a little early for a lot of you to start thinking about a garden, but chances are the last freeze is coming up pretty soon, and that means time to plant for spring! Dave and I got a seed catalog in the mail just the other day, and we’re already getting excited about planning what to plant in the garden this spring.

Of course, what fun is a garden if you can’t make it cute, right? Buying handmade might not seem like it goes hand-in-hand with gardening, but there are some really cool garden accessories I’m drooling over on Etsy these days!

garden plant markersI’m loving these plant markers made from vintage spoons! Spoon plant markers are nothing new, I know, but the art on each of these markers is so sweet!

solar lanterns

If you’re planting a garden, you might as well throw a garden party to show off your hard work! You can boogaloo into the evening with a set of upcycled solar garden lights from Treasure Again. They’re made from reclaimed Mason jars!

garden ornaments

Add a special message for your garden guests on these customized garden ornaments! The ornaments are vintage, but Out of Doha gives them a modern twist with screen printed designs.

Do any of you guys have a spring garden in the works? What are you planning to grow? We aren’t done planning yet, so I’m not sure what’s going in the ground.

5 comments on “Buy Handmade: In the Garden
    • Ack! I can’t believe I forgot that link. I’m adding it right now.

      I’m with you on spring…keepin’ the eye on the prize all winter long!

  1. How cute are those plant markers? I have a bad case of spring fever. I can’t wait to get the garden going this year. I’ve already begun to plan a little, not it’s up to the weather.

    Peace. ;)

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