9 Ways to Reuse a Mason Jar

Mason jar craft project

When I did that cornbread mix project for the convention center here in Atlanta, one of the goals was to make the take-away as eco-friendly as possible. That’s the main reason I chose a Mason jar project – because there are so many ways to reuse a Mason jar! I thought it might be fun to share the Mason jar crafty goodness here, too, in case you have any in your kitchen that need to be reused.

If you have a Mason jar project in the works and want to share some reuse ideas, too, you can download the Mason jar crafts handout I made for the convention center and share it, or you can see the list below….

  1. Storing food. You can use your mason jar to store dried beans, grains, or homemade sauces.
  2. Canning. Since we haven’t processed these jars, they’re still good for one round of canning!
  3. Storing craft supplies or other small items. Mason jars are great for storing things like buttons, thumbtacks, nails, screws, and paperclips.
  4. As a pencil holder. You can use your Mason jar as-is, or use Mod Podge to cover your jar with pretty paper.
  5. Make a planter. This quart sized jar is just right for potting small herb plants, like cilantro or even basil.
  6. Make a votive holder. Fill your jar about 1/3 of the way with dried beans or rice, then set a pretty tealight inside.
  7. Etch it. Pick up a bottle of glass etching cream at your local craft store, then use sticky stencils to etch designs into your Mason jar.
  8. Turn it into a vase. You can arrange flowers in there as-is, or you can get fancy and color your Mason jar. All you need is spray paint!
  9. Make a gift. Fill up your Mason jar with dry cornbread mix and include a recipe card, so your giftee can whip up a batch of country cornbread! Here’s how to make a cornbread mix for gifting.

What’s your favorite way to reuse an old Mason jar? Food storage is probably what I use them for most.

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  3. Great ideas. My favourite way to reuse these jars is to make many, many, many jars of pickles! My Polish father-in-law has a great recipe from his mom that we use every year.

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