Clean Laundry: Make an Organic Laundry Sachet

clean laundry

I love that clean laundry smell, but I don’t love the toxins in dryer sheets. Here’s a simple, natural alternative that you can make on the cheap!

Those lovely-smelling dryer sheets are actually pretty bad news, from a health standpoint. The way that conventional dryer sheets work is by ever so gently coating your clothing in toxic chemicals to make them smell nice and leave them static free. Wait…Is your laundry really clean when it’s coated in mystery chemicals?

Most conventional dryer sheets contain suspected and even known carcinogens. No thank you! Instead of using harmful toxins to keep your clothes smelling fresh, you can whip up these super simple sachets instead and feel more confident that you’re folding truly clean laundry when it comes out of the dryer.

These sachets are inexpensive and simple to make and so much safer than dryer sheets for making your clothes smell great!

raspberry leaf for sachet


  • 1  11″ X 4.5″ piece of fabric. I used something pretty from my stash
  • 1 1/2 cups dried herbs of your choice. My husband isn’t crazy for lavender, so I chose raspberry leaf instead. I found my herbs in the bulk section of our local co-op. If you can’t find bulk herbs near you, try searching online. I found some bulk organic raspberry leaf for a good price on Amazon. 1 pound will make you quite a few sachets!
  • sewing machine, thread, pins, etc – your basic sewing supplies


1. Fold your fabric in half, right sides together, and pin.

2. Sew around the unfinished edges, starting 2″ above the bottom corner. The idea here is to leave an opening, so you can flip your sachet right side out. See how I left an unsewn part in the photo below?

sachet opening

3. Flip your sachet right side out and get stuffing! You may want to work over a plate, so you can collect any herbs that you drop. Grab a small amount to stuff at a time – about a tablespoon is good – it’s much easier and less messy!

4. Tuck in the unfinished edge, then top-stitch all the way around your stuffed sachet to secure it.

5. You’re all done! You can toss this sachet into the dryer just like you would a dryer sheet, and you can reuse it until the smell begins to fade.

More Clean Laundry Tips

  • To extend the life of your laundry sachet, just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil when the smell starts to fade away. It will last you ages this way! UPDATE: I’ve been using this same laundry sachet since 2012, and it’s still going strong!
  • Instead of fabric softener, you can just add 1/2 cup of white vinegar to your washer in the same place that you’d pour liquid fabric softener. The vinegar smell doesn’t linger, I promise!
  • Make your own laundry soap! My pal Karen has a great recipe on her site for homemade laundry soap. It’s effective and way cheaper than even the bargain brand at the store.
  • Empty that lint trap. Evey time. Your dryer’s lint trap is meant to be emptied before each load. It will increase your dryer’s efficiency if you stay on top of it!

I’d love to hear from you guys, too! What are your clean laundry tips?

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