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Green Divas

If I had to pick one thing that I love most about what I do, it would be the people. Because the topics I focus on are ones that folks get pretty passionate about, I’m really fortunate to work with kind, savvy, and just plain awesome individuals. They’re coworkers, but I also consider many of them my friends, and Green Diva Meg is definitely one of those coworkers who’s also very close to my heart.

If you’re not familiar with The Green Divas Radio Show, I encourage you to subscribe to their podcast on iTunes or check out their website! Every week, they share green living tips, talk to experts, and show you that you can make a difference without sacrificing FUN. I know, it’s like someone made me a podcast, right?

How You Can Help

Right now, The Green Divas are trying to launch their business to the next level, and they need our help! They have a series going on their show called “Why Should We Care?” where they talk about not just the hows of green living but why this is all important, and they want to move beyond audio to produce a series of videos on the topic. That’s where we come in!

The Green Divas just launched a crowdfunding project, and they’re asking like-minded folks to kick in and support them. You can give a little or a lot, and they’ve got all manner of fun prizes! You can check out their video above (which hits on a hot topic for me: conventional cotton) and take a peek at the project and the prizes over at their crowdfunding page!

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