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dream kitchen

The previous owner of our house made some…let’s call them “questionable”…decor choices. We took care of the peach and slate blue carpeting and matching walls in the bedrooms as soon as we moved in 6 years ago, and we’ve been slowly fixing other things, like the peach patterned wallpaper in the bathroom, as we have the time and money. Really, there’s only one “feature” remaining that really bugs me: the kitchen.

Now, don’t get me wrong, our kitchen is awesome. It’s big and bright. It has high ceilings and is laid out really nicely. What I’m not so mad about, though, is the color scheme. This woman must have really loved peach and slate blue, because for some reason that I still have never figured out, she tiled the kitchen in both colors. BOTH. It looks like a chessboard. And she somehow managed to find a corian counter top that matches. It’s terrible.

When we first moved in, I tried to work with the blue and peach, but lately I’ve just been ignoring it. I fantasize about white tile floors and butcher block counter tops, and until we can afford to put those things in, I just decorate as if we already have them. My dream kitchen is bright white with orange and green accents and not a trace of slate blue anywhere. Tell me about yours!

organic cotton dish towel

Confession: I am a dish towel collector. I sort of think of them as functional, rotating art pieces that hang in my kitchen for a week at a time, until they go in the laundry. Our drawer of dish towels is so full that it barely closes. Clearly, I need to find a bigger drawer. This organic cotton artichoke dish towel from Foxy and Winston is perfect for my dream kitchen!

orange rag rug

I spend a lot of time on my feet in the kitchen, so a cozy rug is a must. I’m drooling over this cheery, orange rug! Green at Heart buys t-shirts from charity shops, dyes them, and weaves them into stunning, modern rag rugs. L-O-V-E.

Jeanette Zeis Pottery

Confession #2: I am kind of obsessed with Jeanette Zeis’ pottery. She’s a local potter who makes beautiful, vibrant dishware! My dream kitchen would feature this berry bowl and one of her cupcake stands, because there is no way I could choose between them.

So, tell me about your dream kitchen, you guys! Do you have a color scheme in mind? Do you have your dream kitchen already?

5 comments on “Buy Handmade: My Dream Kitchen
  1. I’d love to add a pretty tiled back splash and some new counter tops – I saw some gorgeous counter made of recycled glass that I’d love to have. I’d be happy with some new paint and kids who’ll wash their dishes when they’re done using them though.

    Peace. ;)

  2. Is there no way to lay a bamboo floor on top of those tiles? or even a cork floor? cork is nice. sustainable, cushioned,water proof…… My kitchen is livable.barely. we bought our apartment from an older couple who never remodeled. it is original in blue and white formica, even the walls were covered in it except for the backsplash in a blue and white spanish tile…i’ve told my husband that the extra bit of cash is going towards the kitchen. we bought new appliances when we moved in 5 years ago, so it is mostly cabinets..i would want one piece of marble counter top for candy making and rolling out dough…and yes, one day our dreams of new kitchens will come true…

    • That’s a great idea, Carol! Right now, we don’t really even have the money to spring for the bamboo or cork, though. :)

      Your dream kitchen sounds lovely!

  3. The butcher block we put in our kitchen was one of the cheapest parts of our kitchen renovation! Ikea has butcher block (just like your free standing drawers) for a very reasonable price per square foot.

    The floor, that’s trickier problem….

    • Ooh we should totally look into that. How hard was it to cut to size etc? Ours is cracked, so we’re going to have to replace it at some point.

      Seriously tricky. I have dreams about taking a sledgehammer to those floors, Bonnie. One day, that dream will be real!

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