Buy Handmade: Baby Gifts

handmade baby gifts

I’m not sure what it is about springtime, but it seems like more and more of my friends are having babies right now. I got to go to two baby showers this month! It’s been years since I went to a shower, so two in one month is serious business for me. With the new mommas in my life, I’ve been looking at lots of baby stuff for their little ones, and what better time to support handmade artisans than when you’re welcoming a new wee one to the world?

baby cloth diaper

How freaking cute are these cloth diapers from Persnickety? I know, there’s an ick factor associated with cloth diapers, but when you consider the millions of tons of landfill waste that disposable diapers create every year, they’re so worth it. Plus, like with any reusable, they’re one and done! Once you buy a set, you don’t have to buy more unless your little one outgrows them.

organic baby onesie

You can’t think “baby gift” without thinking about onesies, but the onesies at the big box store are so boring. I’m loving this unique kimono-inspired take on the plain ol’ onesie from My Little Pakora. Precious, right?

hooded baby towel

I first ran across these hooded baby towels on my friend’s baby registry, and I’m a little bit obsessed. Why don’t grown up towels have hoods to keep your head warm? This organic hooded towel by Razzberry Giggles with a big elephant is too cute for words!

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