Buy Handmade: Eco-friendly Indie Fabrics

Eco Friendly Fabrics

Are you all inspired now to wrap gifts in furoshiki fabric but aren’t sure where to start? One of the suggestions from Furoshiki Faric Wraps was to use a reclaimed scarf or vintage fabric, and I totally love that idea. If you want your furoshiki (or any fabric-based craft project) to have a more modern feel, though, you’re sometimes better off springing for new fabric.

Of course you want to avoid the conventional cotton, and why not support a crafty business at the same time, right? Here are some eco-friendly fabrics from indie designers!

home sweet

I’m a big fan of Home Sweet’s block printed hemp/organic cotton blend fabrics. Her designs are gorgeous, and she carefully hand-prints every piece of fabric in her studio. Her prints are fresh, bright, and modern, and her fabrics are good for the Earth. Love!

Stitch by Betz White

Betz White is a fabric designer and one of my crafty heroes. Her line, Stitch, is available through Robert Kaufman. All of her designs are printed on 100% GOTS certified organic cotton using low impact dyes. Also, they’re freaking beautiful!

happy apple fabric

Self promotion alert! If you’re looking for foodie fabrics, I hope you’ll check out my miniature line of Happy Fruit fabric. The Happy Apple (above) and Happy Pear are both available through Spoonflower. If you choose organic cotton sateen, you can help the planet out and support me at the same time.

noonday textiles

If you’re looking for an earthier feel or need solid colors, you can’t go wrong with Noonday Textiles. Jay dyes her hemp/organic cotton blend fabrics by hand, and her colors are gorgeous! When I was making Lunch Kits for sale, I often used Noonday Textiles hemp fabric as the lining and for napkins.

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