How to Make Almond Extract with Just Two Ingredients

how to make almond extract

You only need 2 ingredients to make your own almond extract!

Wondering how to make almond extract? It only takes a couple of ingredients and a little patience.

I know, it seems like ages ago that I made that batch of vanilla extract and mentioned wanting to make homemade almond extract next. Of course, I made that decision while we were out of almonds, which meant waiting until we’d had time to go to the store. Also, extracts have to steep for a long time, and I didn’t want to share my recipe until it was completely ready, so I could tell you how it turned out! What I’m trying to say here is that I finally made almond extract! Yay!

Why make extracts instead of buying them?

It takes two months for almond extract to steep, and all of that waiting can seem like a pain, so why not just pick some up at the store instead? For the same reason you cook anything! It’s cheaper to make it yourself, and you have total control over the ingredients. This recipe uses just two ingredients: organic almonds and booze. They’re ingredients you can buy at the store and that you recognize. No benzaldehyde (aka artificial almond flavor) here!

How to Make Almond Extract


  • 1/2c vodka
  • 1 1/2T raw, organic slivered almond


  • funnel
  • small, clean glass bottle. I used an empty single-serving juice bottle.
  • another small, clean bottle to strain your extract into
  • strainer or cheesecloth
  • sticky labels and a pen or marker

almond extract ingredients


1. Spoon your almonds into your bottle.

2. Grab your funnel, and measure the vodka into the bottle.

pouring vodka

3. Give your bottle a shake, then stick it in a cool, dark place to steep. Once or twice a week, shake the bottle.

4. In two months, your almond extract will be all finished. Strain it into a fresh glass container, label and date it, and store it in a cool dark place–like the pantry–until you’re ready to use it.

Waiting two months for your extract to steep might test your patience, but once you have it this stuff lasts for a long time. If you hate waiting, you can just start a new batch when your first one is ready, so you’ll never run out!

You only need two ingredients to make your own almond extract!

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21 comments on “How to Make Almond Extract with Just Two Ingredients
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    • It will smell pretty boozy, since it’s mostly booze, but you should also smell the aromatic almonds at this point. I wish that I could give it a sniff for ya!

      • Thanks, Becky. I also started Vanilla, Cinnamon and Mint extracts at the same time and those smell wonderful! But the almond has no aroma other than alcohol. ????
        Hope it will turn out!

        • Oh no! I hope it tastes good. If you want me to try to troubleshoot with you, you can email me through my site contact form.

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  4. Almond extract is also great if you like a little sweet alchoholic drink after a special dinner with your coffee. It makes wonderful homemade Amaretto, which recipe requires a couple of tablespoons, or a whole bottle of store bought extract. This is way, way cheaper, and the liquer is ready to drink without aging. Saves mucho big bucks!!!

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    • I don’t see why not! Just cut them into little slices or matchsticks. I’m pretty sure the idea is to increase surface area but keep the pieces big enough to strain out with a regular strainer (rather than lots of cheesecloth).

      • Thanks, Becky! We use almond flour for most of our baking anyway since we follow the Paleo diet, so everything already has a bit of a nutty flavor to it from that to begin with. Maybe I’ll try out your vanilla extract recipe first…

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