DIY Beauty Craft Kits from Herban Crafts

DIY beauty craft kits from Herban Crafts

Don’t you just love a craft kit? Kits are such a great way to dip your toe into a craft that maybe you’re not so good at yet. I love that when you buy a craft kit you come away with more than just a finished product: you learn something.

My friends Karen and Mary are launching a brand new line of DIY beauty craft kits — Herban Crafts — that are so much more than just materials and instructions. They strive to create the most eco-friendly kits and beauty products possible, and they are socially responsible to boot! Instead of getting their craft kits assembled in a far-off factory, they are hiring unemployed women in transitional housing as part of a job training program. That means that not only are Herban Crafts’ kits good for you and the planet, but each kit helps these women learn real-world job skills. Pretty awesome, right?

The Herban Crafts line of crafting kits is totally vegan with one exception: the lip balm kit does include beeswax. I know that for some vegan peeps that’s an issue and for others it’s not. I kind of go back and forth on bee products, so I leave that one to you guys to decide!

You can learn more about Herban Crafts and how you can support them over at Crafting a Green World, where I shared a Q&A with Karen!

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout Becky!

    We do strive to be totally green, from ingredients to packaging. And helping people while helping the planet!

    Win Win!

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