How-to: DIY Tote Bag from a Burlap Coffee Sack

Turn an old burlap coffee sack into a cute painted tote bag for hauling groceries or for every day.

It’s easy as pie to make a cute DIY tote bag from an old coffee sack and a bit of webbing. Here’s how!

I love getting crafty with burlap, so when the folks at offered to send me a box of burlap to play with, I couldn’t say no! They sent me a big box with a roll of new burlap, a few repurposed burlap coffee bags (a green coffee bean even fell out of one!), and a roll of jute webbing, which I was particularly excited about.

I’ve been looking for an eco-friendly alternative to polyester or cotton webbing for ages! The webbing they sent was very wide – 3 1/2″ – but it was easy as pie to make that work for the bag I wanted to make. You can see how, along with all the instructions for making a summery beach tote from a coffee sack, below!

It's easy as pie to make a beachy DIY tote bag from an old coffee sack and a bit of webbing. Here's how!

DIY Tote Bag from a Burlap Sack


  • burlap coffee sack
  • 1 16″ piece of 3.5 ” burlap webbing (you can also use synthetic webbing or make your own straps)
  • sewing machine, thread, scissors, pins, iron
  • masking tape
  • fabric paint – I used screen printing ink
  • paint brushes

1. Cut your coffee sack down so that it’s 17″ tall, then turn it inside-out.

2. Roll over the unfinished top seam by 1″, iron, and pin.

3. Cut your piece of webbing in half longways, so you now have 2 pieces that are each 16″ long. Send the webbing through your machine, using the zig zag stitch on the long unfinished sides. I zig zagged both edges, just to make things even, but you only have to do the unfinished side.

webbing cut and sewn

4. Pin your straps! With the bag still inside-out, pin the first strap on so they’re placed 2″ from each edge and overlap the bag by 1″. Flip the bag over and pin the other strap on the other side.

strap pinned

5. Send the bag through your machine, using the zigzag stitch sewing all the way around the top 1/8″ from the top of the bag. Then, send it through again, sewing 1/8″ from the bottom of the straps. Flip your bag right side out, and you could stop here.

diy burlap beach tote

6. Use the masking tape to tape off your geometric design. I went for a couple of simple stripes with this bag. Slide a piece of scrap cardboard into the bag under where you’ll be painting – this will keep the design from bleeding through to the other side of the bag.


7. Grab your paint and brushes and go to town!

taped and painted

8. Give the paint a few minutes to dry, then carefully pull off the tape. You want to pull up to avoid smudging.

9. Let the paint completely dry to the touch, then put a piece of scrap fabric over the design and iron on high for 3 minutes on each side of the fabric to set the paint, and you’re all done!

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