How-to: Simple Upcycled Fabric Bunting

upcycled fabric buntingSummer is here! That means grilling, porch parties, and backyard picnics! You can fancy up your next outdoor shindig with this easy peasy fabric scrap bunting. Here’s what you need to make one:

Upcycled Fabric Bunting


  • 11 8″ x 8″ scraps
  • one 8″ x 8″ piece of scrap cardboard or heavy paper
  • pinking shears
  • about 100″ of bias tape or ribbon
  • two clothespins


1. Grab your piece of cardboard and cut out a triangle that’s 8″ on each side and 7″ across the top, like the one pictured below. That’s your flag template.

bunting template

2. Then use your pinking shears to cut out your 11 triangles. Once they’e ironed, work out what order you want them to hang on your banner and set them aside.

3. Iron your ribbon or bias tape, then fold it in half to find the center. You’re going to start by pinning the middle triangle, working your way out. Leave about 1″ between each triangle. If you used bias tape, stick the top of the triangle into the fold. If you used ribbon, just pin it onto the back.

4. When you”re done pinning, there should be at least a 12″ tail on each end of the banner.

5. Run the pinned banner through your machine using either a straight or a zig zag stitch.

6. You”re ready to hang! String the banner between two tree branches or fence posts. Wrap the tails around and secure them with your clothespins:

bunting hanging in the backyardThis post originally appeared at Crafting a Green World

2 comments on “How-to: Simple Upcycled Fabric Bunting
  1. I totally used that very bit of gifted bunting in that picture as the pattern for the 550 feet of bunting I sewed for our wedding! If you have a ton to make, bed sheets and curtains from the thrift store proved to be a great source of fabric.

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