To Do: Refrigerator Pickle Workshop at East Point Farmers Market

refrigerator pickles

If you’re a regular reader here, you probably know that I volunteer for Margie over at Vegetable Husband quite a bit. I’m VH’s resident blogger, which is pretty much my dream job, and sometimes I pitch in with special events, too!

This Saturday Margie’s doing a booth for Vegetable Husband at the East Point Farmers Market, and she asked if I’d be into doing a mini workshop on making refrigerator pickles!

I’m super excited about the chance to talk about food for a few hours on a Saturday morning, and I’m spending this evening perfecting my pickling recipe and instructions. The recipe I’m going to share is a skeleton recipe, which means you’re encouraged to take the basic ingredients and measurements and make it your own by getting creative herbs, spices, veggies, and even vinegars. I’m not sure what veggies we’ll be pickling yet, but chances are it will be green beans, carrots, beets, or cucumbers. You’ll just have to pop in on Saturday to find out!

The East Point Farmers Market runs from 9am to 12pm in downtown East Point, and we’re doing two demos: one at 9:30am and one at 10:30am. It’s 2 blocks from the MARTA station, and I encourage you to take the train there! Check out a map and directions here.

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