Handmade to Sell: Hello Craft wrote a book!

Handmade to Sell

Have you been wanting to start selling your crafts but didn’t know where to start? Or maybe you feel like it might be time to quit that day job to focus on your crafty business? Hello Craft has you covered!

If you’re not familiar with Hello Craft, I recommend checking them out. They’re a non-profit crafty organization that’s all about empowering the crafty community. Hello Craft is also the group behind the annual crafting conference, The Summit of Awesome.

The book dives into everything you need to know to launch a successful crafty business from developing your product line to marketing and even the legal mumbo jumbo that can be so daunting. They also talked to lots and lots of crafters who have transitioned into selling, including yours truly! We talked about how to make a practical transition from working full time to making a living from your creativity while still paying the bills. You can find their interview with me on page 26.

You can snag a copy of Handmade to Sell right here.

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