How-to: Make a Mason Jar Hanging Lantern

Mason Jar Lantern

Wouldn’t a bunch of these Mason jar lanterns hanging in a tree be nice for an outdoor, evening shindig?

I’ve been wanting to make a hanging Mason jar lantern for a while, but what’s always stopped me is the special tools it takes. Most of the tutorials I’ve seen wrap wire around the jar’s threads to hang it, and I don’t have any wire-working tools laying around anymore. After a lot of brainstorming, I finally sorted out a way to make a hanging Mason jar lantern without any special tools! The secret is the jar ring.


  • Mason jar, including the ring but not the lid
  • two 18″ pieces of strong twine
  • coffee beans, lentils, dried peas, or dried rice
  • tea light


1. If you’re reusing your Mason jar, get it all prepped for crafting – remove the label and de-stink it.

2. Grab the ring for your Mason jar and tie one piece of twine around one side and tie the other piece opposite the first one. You don’t want to use a full knot, because you want the twine to still have some give for the next step. Do it like so:

Mason jar lid ring

3. Screw the ring onto the jar, using your fingers to hold the twine in place as you screw. It’s going to want to shift, and you need to keep it as close to where you placed it to start as possible. It’s ok if things move a little, so don’t fret if they slide slightly.

4. Once the ring is screwed on well, you can finish your knots on the twine. You also want to make a slip knot, tying the loose ends of your twine together.

5. Fill the jar about 1/3 with your coffee beans, seat the candle in the beans, light, and hang.

Mason Jar Lantern Filled with Coffee


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