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Garden Party Decor

On Monday I shared a tutorial for whipping up some super simple Mason jar hanging lanterns for your late summer garden party.

Of course, lanterns alone don’t make a shindig! You need yummy snacks, too, and a little extra love in the decor department always makes things feel more festive. Unless we’re grilling, I like finger foods for a garden party, like pesto thumbprint cookies, olives, nuts, fresh veggies, dips, and savory muffins. Yum!

Cloth napkins are perfect for serving finger food. They can double as “plates,” and your guests can use them to wipe their hands when they’re done. The best part? No dishes to wash! Just set out a bucket where your company can put their dirty napkins, and you can dump the contents into the washing machine when the party is over. These organic hemp eggplant napkins from Jennifer Joy Creative fit the bill perfectly.

Snacky foods like olives and cashews might seem simple and humble, but if you put them in the right serving dish, they can really shine. Tanjoa Sova’s Bradford Pear serving bowl made from a fallen tree limb is perfect for dressing up those simple snacks.

Of course, can you even call it a party without a little bunting? If you’re not familiar with bunting, it’s those streaming rows of penants that you might associate with car dealerships. Instead of plastic primary colors, though, you can find reclaimed fabric bunting in all kinds of colors that add a splash of color and charm to your outdoor (or indoor!) shindig. I’m loving this cheery bunting made from vintage fabric by simpledream2. The awesome Lisa at simpledream2 also is offering Glue and Glitter readers a 10% discount on any of her buntings if you mention this post out in the “notes to seller.” Thanks so much, Lisa!

Do you have an end-of-summer backyard party in the works? I’d love to hear what you’re planning!

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  1. Becky,
    Thank you for including my bunting. They’ve been purchased for outdoor children’s parties, weddings and babies rooms. I’ll offer your readers a 10% discount if they mention this shout out in the “notes to seller” when purchasing one of my buntings.
    Thanks again,

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