5 Upcycled Junk Mail Craft Projects

Junk Mail Paper Beads

Oh, junk mail! Do you feel like no matter how much you opt out and return to sender, unwanted mailings just keep arriving at your door? Me. TOO. If doing your best to stop the flow of junk mail to your mailbox isn’t as effective as you’d like, you can at least use all of that free paper for crafting, right?

From catalog pages that are great for origami and collage to security envelopes with their hidden designs, junk mail kind of begs to be turned into something creative! Here are some junk mail craft projects to get you started!

1. Make Junk Mail Paper Beads

Colorful catalog and magazine pages are perfect for twisting up your own paper beads, and it’s super simple to do! Crafting a Green World has a simple tutorial on how to make your own junk mail paper beads. I did this project when I was teaching an after school crafting class at a local elementary school, and it was one of the kids’ favorites. It’s fun to see how each printed page transforms when you roll it up into a bead.

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Image credit: Creative Commons photo by Bernie Jersey


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