Buy Handmade: Let’s Get Organized!

getting organized

On Monday I shared a tutorial to help you organize the paper recycling that litters your purse, but I’m betting that’s not the only area of your life that can use an organizational makeover! From your desk to your schedule, there are all sorts of little ways to stay more organized.

Doesn’t your life feel more manageable when everything is a little tidier? Here are a few Etsy finds to help organize things just a little bit better.

I couldn’t function without a calendar. Really, I have everything on there from appointments and assignments to things like “take vitamins” and “water plants.” Writing everything down really helps you feel more in control of your schedule, no matter how hectic. This repurposed vintage planner from Vintage Scraps is just perfect!

A clean desktop also feels really nice, and I don’t mean your computer desktop. If you’re anything like me, your desk is covered in pens, pencils, and little tools like punches and spools of wire. This reclaimed wooden desktop caddy by Tanja Sova looks like just the thing to pull of those tiny things together and give everything a place.

Have you ever been getting ready to head out the door but end up delayed because your necklaces are in a tangled mess? I’ve even broken chains trying to untangle the jewelry that lives in a little bag in my bathroom cabinet. Tangles, no more! Check out this salvaged wood necklace organizer from Lolailo. Not only does it prevent that impossible knot of chain, but you can see what you have at a glance!

Do you feel like your life needs a little organizational boost? What would you tackle first? I feel like lately my craft room closet has been mocking me.

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