5 Questions with Vegan Artist Kenn Twofour

5 QuestionsScreenprinted Mask Kenn Twofour

Kenn from Twofour Manufacturing is another fellow Atlantan. In fact, he and Jeanette Zeis – who I talked to last week – are partners!

Working primarily with screenprinting and cut wood, Kenn creates beautiful art pieces. He made a custom “Cattington” sign for my husband’s birthday last year, and we both love it so much! Cattington Acres is what we’ve always called our house, and Cattington Inc. is the name of the corporation we started together for our writing endeavors. It’s a silly word that means a lot to us, so this sign is an extra special part of our home.

cattington sign Kenn Twofour

Kenn also organizes Free Art Friday here in Atlanta, where artists can stash small pieces of art in their neighborhoods for folks to find. This idea is all about getting folks out on foot exploring their neighborhoods. Art + walkability + community? Yes, please!

Kenn took some time this week to answer my 5 Questions. Check it!

1. Tell me about how you got started crafting.

After years of my creative focus being playing and touring in punk bands I started designing and printing t-shirts for other bands. That led to me printing my own designs on paper and wood. I eventually stopped printing shirts and now just print my own work.

2. What draws you to veganism?

Initially it was the light bulb moment when I realized that the meat and dairy that I was eating came from animals that suffered their entire lifetime just so that I could have a snack. Once I was honest with myself I couldn’t justify the amount of cruelty that went into the food that I ate. Then, after reading a few books on the topic, I started to see the connection to other things like the environment and health and social issues.

Kenn Twofour Wood Sign

3. What inspires you?

These days, as I’m getting older, I’m inspired by people that choose their own path and refuse to fall in line with what is expected of them. People that take risks. People that have ideals. People that are creative. People that combine those things and carve out their place in the world.

4. Who are your vegan and crafty heroes?

I’m not much for hero worship but my teammate Jeanette Zeis would be a hero of mine. I have also always admired Ian MacKaye of Dischord Records/Minor Threat/Fugazi etc.

5. Where can folks find your work?

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