New Craft Book: Crafty Girls Talk (and I’m interviewed in it!) #lml

craft book - Crafty Girls Talk

I was delighted to check my mailbox earlier this week and find a copy of the new craft book by Jennifer Forest: Crafty Girls Talk! The book is full of interviews from crafters all over the world, and I was thrilled when she asked me to participate!

The interviewees range from knitters and embroidery designers to store owners and lamp-makers. It’s an eclectic mix and a super fun peek into the lives and studios of the 20 crafters she spoke to.

I think that my favorite interview was with Tamara Watts from Retro Print Revival.

reclaimed lamps

Reclaimed lamps by Retro Print Revival

Watts creates beautiful mod-styled lamps using reclaimed bases and vintage fabrics. Be still my heart! Not only are her lamps freaking gorgeous, but I just love her attitude about crafting and running a crafty business. This quote from her interview is just awesome:

I believe running a business successfully for four years is already a success, so whatever happens from here is a bonus!

Amen, sister! As a former crafty business owner, I loved reading the startup stories and everyone’s takes on making a living from their creativity.

The book is beautiful and features color photos of each artist’s work along with their interviews, and I’ve had a great time checking out all of the other crafters’ websites as I flip through my copy! Crafty Girls Talk is available on Amazon in print and for Kindle.

Thank you so much, Jennifer, for including me – it was great chatting with you, and I love how the book turned out!

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