Make a Fitted Crib Sheet from Any Fabric You Want

Can't find cute, organic linens for the crib? It's easy as pie to make a fitted crib sheet from whatever fabric you like!

Can’t find cute, organic linens for the crib? It’s easy as pie to make a fitted crib sheet from whatever fabric you like!

Dave and I settled pretty quickly on a space-themed nursery. We’re both super into science fiction, and whether we have a boy or a girl (we find out in a couple of weeks!), I can’t wait to immerse this kiddo in the fantastical sci-fi world that’s always inspired me so much.

I’ve got a few space-themed craft ideas for the nursery, but one of the first things on my list was making crib sheets. After searching all over the place for organic crib sheets with a space theme that weren’t cheesy, I decided that the way to get the look I wanted was to just make my own.

We chose the rocket ship fabric along with a couple of coordinating patterns from Birch Fabric’s Circa 50 line (you can see them in the photo at the top there). Birch Fabrics are freaking awesome. Their designs are super cute, and all of their fabrics are organic and use eco-friendly dye processes.

I ordered my fabric from Create by the Yard – who shipped everything super fast – and chose a blue retro starburst for the fitted sheet and rocket ship and orange polkadot patterns for the quilt, which I haven’t made yet. It turns out that you can’t let your baby sleep with a blanket, because of SIDS, so I guess this quilt will just hang from a hook until (s)he’s old enough to use it!

Sew a Fitted Crib Sheet

Sewing a fitted sheet might seem a like a daunting task, but it’s actually pretty simple! I went through a ton of tutorials looking for one that was easy to make and to follow.

A lot of the crib sheet tutes I found only had elastic on the corners. That means using less elastic, which is awesome, but it also means you have to stretch the elastic as you sew it, and that’s tricky for a lot of folks, including me!

After tons of Googling, I found an awesome crib sheet tutorial from Dana Made It. Instead of putting elastic on the corners, you sew a casing all the way around, just like putting elastic into the top of a skirt. Much easier! Her tutorial is amazing, and there’s not much I can do to improve on it, so check out her easy-to-follow crib sheet instructions here!

This project will probably take you between 90 minutes and two hours, depending on how quickly you sew. There were a few things I learned along the way about this process, so I’ll share those with you in the notes below.


  • My fabric was 45″ wide, including the selvage, so I didn’t bother trimming the selvage away. Once you sew that casing for the elastic, it’s all hidden under the mattress anyway. Save yourself some cutting!
  • I didn’t use my serger for this project, so I did the 1/4″ fold to hide the unfinished edge. She doesn’t say how wide to make the final casing, so I did some super basic sewing math: Since the elastic is 1/4″, I went with 1/2″ casing. That means I folded it under 1/4″ all the way around, then did another 1/2″ fold, so the unfinished edge was hidden:

making casing

  • When you’re pinning the casing, it helps to use quilting pins where you’re planning to start and stop. That way, you won’t forget to leave a few inches unsewn, so you can insert your elastic. I used red pins to tell myself where to start and stop sewing:

make a crib sheet: pinned casing

  • When you’re working your safety pin with the elastic on it through the casing, it’s all about patience. Just push the pin forward, scrunch up as much fabric as you can along the safety pin, then pull it further along in the casing. You’re literally inching along, so put on an episode of Gilmore Girls, kick back, and take your time.

That’s it! We don’t even have a crib yet, so the sheet is just folded up in the soon-to-be-nursery. When we find the right crib and start getting things more set up in there, I’ll share photos of the space nursery! I’m not due until April, so it might be a while. Making a baby is all about patience, too, I’m learning.

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    • I hear ya! I would like to make more fitted sheets, but I don’t want to give myself too much to do, so we registered for a couple more that kind of match these fabrics. There is bunting to make! And a giant planet to paint! What crafty stuff are you working on for your nursery?

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