Atlanta Veg Fest Wrap-Up

Atlanta Veg Fest

This past Saturday was Atlanta’s very first Veg Fest, and it was everything that I dreamed it could be!

Leigh Saluzzi (formerly of Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe) was the main force behind the festival, and she worked with an amazing committee of Atlanta vegans to make this happen. You can chalk it up to pregnancy hormones, but when I rolled up at 11am on Saturday, I got a little weepy about the overwhelming turnout – way to represent, Atlanta!

I ran into a few of my favorite people and got to meet a few folks that I only knew online before the fest including the super awesome gal from the delicious vegan blog, Luminous Vegans. Did any of you locals (or not-so-locals) make it out to Veg Fest?

I spent most of the day volunteering at the Herbivore Clothing table, and it was super fun! On top of their beautiful shirts, hoodies, buttons, and stickers, they were selling copies of The Vegan Pregnancy Survival Guide. I was excited to tell folks about this book! It’s the first pregnancy book that I read when I found out we had a baby on the way, and it changed everything for me. Sayward offers great, common sense advice and really anticipates questions and issues that vegans are going to run into. If you’re vegan or vegetarian and expecting a little one, I can’t recommend this book enough. Seriously.

Here are some of the goodies I picked up:

Veg Fest Goodies

  • Awesome mini notebooks fromTwoFour Manufacturing – One says “I am vegan for the cupcakes,” and the other one just said “NOOCH.” Really, is there more to say?
  • Lip gloss from Crazy Rumors – They made a special Georgia Peach batch just for Veg Fest!
  • Easy Vegan Recipes – A mini recipe booklet from Compassion over Killing. There are some awesome-looking things in here! I’ll report back on those!
  • Flier from Compassion over Killing – They have a campaign right now asking Subway to offer a vegan patty! The veggie patty they serve there is not vegan, but they tested a vegan one in a couple of cities so far. You can ask Subway to offer a vegan option here!
  • PETA Stickers – These were a freebie. I am not always totally mad about PETA (that’s a discussion for another day), but I liked some of these stickers, especially the Powered by Tofu and Meat’s Not Green ones. Both so true!
  • Mini Cupcake Stand from The Vegan Dish – Jeanette is amazing, and she actually gave this to me as a gift at Veg Fest. I had this stand (in this exact color) for years and broke it one clumsy morning and cried because I loved it so much . Of course, I cried again when she handed this new one to me. Jeanette is the best!

Not Pictured

I also bought what can only be described as a ton of food. There were also a few vendors I ran into after I’d run out of cash. Doh!

  • Cinnamon roll from Dulce Vegan
  • Mini pumpkin whoopie pie from Dough Bakery
  • Parma! – I’d never had Parma before, and it was SO GOOD on top of broccoli and mashed potatoes!
  • Eat Your Vegetables – I didn’t have cash left to get anything from Eat Your Vegetables, but they sell super awesome foodie things, like produce bags, and vegan accessories. Their card doesn’t have a website on it, but I hear their stuff will be at Dough Bakery soon!
  • Mama Bakes Safe Cakes – I didn’t get to buy anything from these ladies either, but their stuff looked awesome! They’re opening a vegan bakery in Alpharetta, so get ready, north side peeps!
  • Raw key lime pie from Raw in the Garden – These guys are a local business, and their pies are mind-blowing. I’d tried their coconut pie at my friend Jeanee’s house recently, and the key lime is in my fridge, waiting for me to devour it.

The only thing I totally missed and am bummed about was Revolution Gelatos. They were the talk of Veg Fest and were giving out huge samples of their vegan gelato. I didn’t get a chance to snag one before they were gone. Revolution Gelatos doesn’t sell anywhere yet, but you can follow them on Facebook to get notified when they start!

What a day, is what I’m trying to say here!

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  1. agreed! I was totaly overwhelmed by the response. What positive energy! Sorry we didn’t meet I sold T-shirts & hung out with my friend Katherine who was giving incrediable massages. Have you come to any of the Atl Vegan Drinks meet ups?

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