Nursery Crafts: Easy Baby Blanket

Easy Baby Blanket

Organic baby blankets are so expensive in the store, but you can save a buck and make an easy baby blanket in 5 simple steps.

Now that the crib sheet is done, it’s time to make that baby a blanket! I know, babies shouldn’t sleep with a blanket until 12 months or so, but I keep picturing a crib with just the sheet on there, and it’s so sad! This blanket will just have to hang on a wall hook by the crib until baby Striepe is old enough to sleep with it.

You can use whatever fabric you like for your baby blanket, but I chose organic because I wanted fabric that’s healthy for my baby and good for the planet. Conventional cotton is actually pretty terrible from an environmental and social standpoint, so I avoid it whenever possible.

Like the fabric, you can use any batting you like, as well. I went with organic cotton batting from Near Sea Naturals. Their batting is more expensive than bamboo or other synthetics, but it’s also like sewing a cloud and super thick and breathable.

Easy Baby Blanket


  • Two yards of organic fabric. I used different ones for the front and back, but you could use the same on both sides. Your choice!
  • One yard of batting. I ordered mine from Near Sea Naturals. Their stuff is great, and they are super reliable.
  • Sewing machine, thread, pins, iron. I used a contrasting thread, so my stitching would show, but you could use coordinating thread if you’d rather not have your stitches be so out there.


1. Press your fabric, then place your two pieces of fabric right sides together. Lay the batting on top, and pin the whole stack in place.

2. Use a straight stitch to sew all the way around the outside of your blanket, leaving a 4-6″ gap, so that you can flip it right side out. When you flip, you want the batting to stay inside, of course!

closing easy baby blanket

3. Fold in that unfinished 2″ gap, press it with your iron, and pin it closed. Then, top stitch all the way around the outside of your blanket.

4. Stabilize that batting with more stitching! You’ll want to at least quilt if vertically with your lines of stitching 4-8″ apart. Most batting will tell you the minimum width to put between, so use that as a guide.

5. Iron one more time to set your stitches, and you’re ready to rock!

We’ve got a whole space-themed nursery

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