It’s Here! 40 Days of Green Smoothies: The eBook!

40 Days of Green Smoothies

I have been working my tail off since this summer to transform my 40 Days of Green Smoothies plan into an ebook, and after lots of tweaking, photographing, and re-tweaking, it’s finally published!

The book is now available in the iTunes store, and I am beyond thrilled that it’s finally here!

Right now, the book is only available for the iPad, but we are working on a second version that you can read on your computer!

It’s hard to start any healthy habit, and the green smoothie thing was great for me on two fronts: it cured my breakfast-skipping tendencies and got me to start my day with a healthy mix of raw fruits and veggies instead of sugary cereal. The trick to starting any habit is to stick with it until it stops feeling like a chore and starts feeling like a routine, and 40 days is a nice amount of time to get you into the green smoothie groove.

The book is more than just recipes – though there is a different recipe for each of the 40 days – it’s a whole six-week plan. Every week has a shopping list designed to make it easy and affordable to work green smoothies into your day-to-day. There are also weekly tips and tricks to keep you motivated and make this whole thing even simpler.

Nothing worthwhile is easy, and putting my first book together with my publisher definitely had its rough spots. There were stumbling blocks, maybe a few tears, and possibly even one small temper tantrum, but when I heard that the book was finally live, all of that felt so worth it.

I’m so excited to share this with you guys! You can check out a preview of the book and pick up a copy to read on your iPad here!!

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11 comments on “It’s Here! 40 Days of Green Smoothies: The eBook!
  1. Congrats lady! I am definetely going to buy this! Can you believe that I’ve never had a green smoothie before?? I thin it’s time, now! Don’t you think? Plus, you just gave me a reason to go forward with my Ipad purchase :p
    Can’t wait!!


    • Haha I believe in you, Jes! I love my iPad for cooking. It’s so portable. I use it when I’m developing recipes, too – writing down ingredients etc in a note there that I can email to myself to format later.

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