Buy Handmade: Ornaments!

handmade ornaments

If making ornaments isn’t your thing, you can still cover your tree in handmade goodness by shopping for handmade ornaments instead of hitting the big box store.

I’m not religious, but I love Christmas. I love making gifts for family and friends, and I love decorating the house and our tree. We’ve got a box full of handmade ornaments that friends have made at our tree-trimming parties in years past, and I love how handmade ornaments make the tree feel so much more special.

Buying ornaments from handmade artisans instead of picking them up at the Target is better for the planet, and it directly supports the artist who designed and made your ornament instead of going to a huge corporation that’s doing who-knows-what with your money. Plus, buying handmade is just way more fun that picking up something mass-produced, isn’t it? Check out these awesome handmade ornaments that I’m drooling over!

Heart Ornaments

Confession: I have a thing for anything heart-shaped. I am not 100% sure where this comes from, but it’s the truth, and these sweet rainbow heart ornaments from Artful Ends are such a cute way to add a little love to your tree! She makes her ornaments from recycled felt and recycled cotton yarn and stuffs them with organic cotton fill, so these little guys really spread the love all over the world!

Acorn Ornaments

Acornaments! These are so bright and cheery! Moon Flower Creations makes these adorable acorns using real acorn caps and vintage fabric. She stuffs her ornaments with used dryer sheets, which I think is a super creative way to divert waste from the landfill!

Owl Ornaments

I know, owl things are kind of an Etsy cliche, but I think part of the reason that owls are so popular is that they’re just so cute! Dinner Time Chimes makes her owl ornaments from fabric scraps and uses vintage buttons for the eyes. I love the bright colors that they come in!

Do you have a favorite handmade ornament on your tree? I would love to hear about it!

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