Handmade Ornament: Make a Flying Paper Crane out of Junk Mail

Handmade Ornament: Flying Paper Crane

Do you do a Christmas tree? What I love about a handmade ornament is that it can look just as pretty hanging in a window or from a mantle as it does nestled in a tree.

I used to make these flying paper crane ornaments to sell years ago, and they were always a hit at craft markets. Paper cranes are lucky, and there’s a legend that if you can fold 1000 paper cranes, you can live forever. The crane is a symbol of joy, luck, and long life, which I think makes it perfect for the Christmas tree or even as a holiday gift.

These ornaments are simple to make, and if you’re planning to do a big batch of them, I’d suggest folding all of the cranes first, then stringing them all. Once you fold a few cranes, you’ll start to get the hang of the process, and I used to love my marathon crane-folding sessions! It was almost like meditation. You can turn off your brain and let your fingers fly.

For my crane, I used a credit card offer that had some of that security printing on the back, but you can choose any junk mail you like! Printed materials look cool all folded up, and catalog pages are lovely for adding a pop of color. Have fun with it!

Click here for the tutorial!


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