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gifts for him

For some reason, I always have a tougher time picking out something handmade for the guys on the list. Do you guys have this problem? Maybe it’s that handmade goodies tend toward the girlie? Whatever the reason, finding handmade gifts for him is a sticking point on my holiday list every year.

If you are trying to have a handmade holiday and having a tough time with guy gifts like I do, check out some of these awesome Etsy finds!

Organic Tee

We adopted a dog in January, and my husband is in l-o-v-e! This shirt would be a perfect handmade gift for any dude that loves his dog alllmost as much as he loves you. The 30% organic cotton/70% bamboo tee comes in green or brown, and Red Brick Wall hand screens the design onto each one.

Natural Soap Gift Basket

Who says only ladies like to be pampered? Novacs Organic Farm makes a beautiful gift basket of organic toiletries to treat your fella right! The basket’s items are totally vegan except for the raw honey soap, so if you don’t do the honey thing, you might want to ask if you can leave this out or replace it with something vegan.

Personalized Ice Cream Spoon

OK, this one is a little bit silly, but it’s also kind of my favorite! Whether he goes for the vegan or non-vegan variety, who wouldn’t want his own, personalized spoon just for ice cream?? Maybe you could pair this up with some handmade coupons promising to pick up a few pints of his favorite kind!

Have you guys found any good handmade gifts for guys? This is just kind of a jumping-off point!

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  1. Fun ideas! I especially like the treat t-shirt. My husband is well known by our cats as the giver-of-the-treats. I give them treats too, of course, but my husband can’t resist their insistent meows whenever he’s in the kitchen. Other handmade gifts for guys are coffee mugs or personalized beer steins.

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