Buy Handmade: MORE Gifts for Him

gifts for him

Last week I shared some handmade finds for the fella in your life, and since dudes are so tricky to shop for I thought I’d share a few more gifts for him this week!

Just like when you’re shopping for your best girlfriend, finding him the perfect gift is all about sorting out what he’s into, and finding something that speaks to that. Is he a Dr. Who fan? A whiz in the kitchen? I did a little searching around and found a few fun gifts that I think the men in my life would love!

Atari Game Clock

My husband is a serious gamer, and I bet I’m not the only one with a gaming fella in her life! I love this Asteroids Game Clock from Recycling Time on so many levels! It’s made from a reclaimed game cartridge, which means it’s good for the planet; it’s dripping with video game nostalgia, which my hubby would love; and it’s a functional gift, which makes everyone happy!

Mending Kit

If you’ve got an active fella that wears through his clothes’ knees and elbows like crazy, this mending kit is so perfect! It includes hand-picked materials for basic clothing maintenance including an iron on patch, monogramming lettering supplies, detailed instructions, needles, thread, scissors…the works! You can pick one up in The Atlanta Institute of Stitches and Crafts Etsy shop!

Bowties are Cool

OK, maybe it’s that I am crazy about Dr. Who right now, but I love a dude in a bowtie! What I love even more is that these bowties – from one of my favorite Etsy sellers – are made from reclaimed sweaters! Pierogi Picnic has her clip-on bowties in a few different colors and patterns, so your fella can embrace his inner Matt Smith!

What do you guys get for the men in your life? Cadry from Cadry’s Kitchen suggested personalized mugs or beer steins, which I thought were great ideas.

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  1. Great ideas! And of course, I highly approve of the bow tie suggestion. It can be tricky to buy for men, but all of these ideas would be welcome from the number one guy on my list! Thanks for the suggestions and linking to my blog! :)

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