Upcycled Around Town: A Green Crafts Marketplace

Upcycled Sweater Scarf

upcycled sweater scarf by Darcy Fowkes

You guys know that I’m all about buying handmade, but one of the challenges of shopping for handmade goods online is that just because something is handmade doesn’t mean it’s environmentally friendly. It can be a little bit of a hassle to filter results to find just upcycled crafts when you’re already searching for something specific. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there were a place where you could shop online for exclusively upcycled goodies? It turns out that there is!

Upcycled Around Town logoI just connected this month with Bhairvee Shavdia, co-founder of Upcycled Around Town. They are sponsoring my site this month, and I am thrilled that I get to introduce them to you!

Bhairvee and co-founder Manish Desai started Upcycled Around Town to solve the very problem I have been having as I shop online for gifts: they wanted to create a space where eco-friendly artists could sell their goods and shoppers could feel confident that their purchases were kind to the planet.

Bhairvee launched the site about a year ago when she was planning her wedding and couldn’t believe the waste involved. She wished for a place to find eco-friendly alternatives to big box and even the standard handmade goods, so she decided to create her own. She had never heard the term upcycling before, but when she stumbled across it in her research, something clicked. She teamed up with tech genius Manish, and Upcycled Around Town was born.

What I love about Upcycled Around Town is that they don’t just provide a place to buy and sell. They are advocates for the artist.

upcycled bicycle clock

The site features some upcycled artists who I’ve seen before, like 1.by.Liz, who made the beautiful bicycle-parts clock pictured above. Don’t you just love her stuff?

There are also some folks I haven’t run across elsewhere, like Darcy Fowkes who makes beautiful accessories from upcycled sweaters. I am coveting her cowls and scarves! You can see her work at the very top of this post.

Upcycled Around Town was a labor of love for Bhairvee, and I can’t wait to shop around the site some more and discover new upcycled artists!

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