Spotted: Soy Free Tofu!

Image via Triumph of the Lentil – you can find the recipe there, too!

But…isn’t tofu made of soy? Turns out, it doesn’t have to be!

Since I’ve been pregnant, I have been super protein-focused. Hitting the RDA for protein for a grown woman has never been a problem for me, but now that I’m pregnant my doctor is recommending around 70 grams of protein per day, which is about 20 more than I was getting. Quite a change!

I’ve pretty much gotten the swing of it now, but it’s taken some experimenting, and I’m relying on soy more than I used to. Basically, I’ve been eating a cup of soy yogurt and drinking a cup of soy milk (or two of one and neither of the other) every day, and that’s given me the boost I need. It’s also helped to focus on proteins in each meal, which I wasn’t really doing before.

Tanya Sitton wrote a great piece about soy for Eat Drink Better recently. Soy gets vilified sometimes, and her level-headed analysis of how soy impacts our bodies was really heartening. Still, I’m a believer in moderation, and since I’m eating more soy lately, I’d like to cut back in other areas. That’s why I was super thrilled when Richa posted last week about this awesome recipe for soy-free tofu from Trimph of the Lentil!

Making tofu is a lot like how they make cottage cheese: curdle the soy milk, separate out the solids. The only extra step with tofu is that you then press those solids into the blocks that most folks recognize as tofu.

Soy-Free Tofu

From the look of the recipe, this soy-free tofu is basically polenta made from chickpea flour instead of cornmeal. There’s no pressing or curdling required, which means it’s much easier to make than soy-based tofu. If you want to make your own, I recommend checking out the recipe over at Triumph of the Lentil!

This is definitely on my to-make list, as soon as I get my hands on some chickpea flour. You can bet that I’ll be checking the bulk bins at our local co-op next time I’m there!

Have any of you guys made this before? Any tips? I’d love to hear your experiences with this recipe!

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