Make a Mini Pom Pom Gift Topper!

Here's how to make a mini pom pom to adorn your holiday gifts in 3 little steps!

Here’s how to make a mini pom pom to adorn your holiday gifts in 3 little steps!

Are you in the giftwrap phase of the holidays yet? I’ve still got a few last-minute things to make, but I’ve started wrapping gifts and putting them under the tree, too! I wanted to make some of my gifts extra special, and nothing says special to me like a little pom pom!

A full-sized pom is probably a little much for your average gift, and what I love about pom poms is that they’re so easy to scale up and down. I make pom poms using the hand-wrapping method, so to do a mini version, you just use fewer fingers! Easy peasy.

How to Make a Mini Pom Pom

All you need are some reclaimed yarn and a pair of scissors. You can use one color of yarn or mix up your colors for a multi-colored pom. It basically takes three steps to make a pom pom for your giftwrapping:

wrap it

1. Wrap It. Wrap the yarn around your fingers. For a bigger pom pom, use four fingers, For a teeny one, use two. Wrap, wrap, and wrap some more – the more you wrap, the poofier your pom will be. I wanted mine to be a little sparse, so I wrapped a little less than you might.

tie it

2. Tie it. Carefully slide the yarn off of your fingers and tie a scrap piece of yarn around the middle of this. Tie a tight double knot, because this is what’s holding your whole pom pom together.

tim it

3. Trim it. Now, you basically have a figure eight of yarn. What you want to do is cut all of those loops open to free your pom pom. Once you’ve trimmed open the loops, you’ll want to cut down any strands that are too long, so you have a nice, even pom.

That’s it! Tie your pom pom to your gift bow, and you’re ready to rock!

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  4. Nice! So easy and cute too! This would also make for a fun interactive cat toy. I used to have pom-poms on my slippers, and they were my cats’ favorite accessory ever. Whenever I’d dangle a foot off the couch, they loved to bat at the pom poms hanging off of them.

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