Eating Healthy in the New Year with Well Vegan

Tofu Scramble Breakfast from Well Vegan

Tofu Scramble Breakfast from Well Vegan

It’s new year resolution time! Do you do the new year’s resolution thing? I know a lot of folks resolve to eat healthier foods in the new year, so I am super excited to share this month’s site sponsors with you: Well Vegan. Whether you’ve been eating vegan for years or are just getting into a plant-based diet, their service is such a cool way to incorporate whole, plant-based foods in your day-to-day.

Well Vegan is not a meal delivery service. Instead, they empower you to learn about cooking whole, vegan meals by providing you with weekly menus, meal plans, and shopping lists. You just bring that week’s list to the store, and you’ll have a fridge stocked for a week of plant-based eating!

While meal delivery might seem convenient, what I like about this service is that it helps you re-learn how to shop and cook. It also means that instead of junky processed food, you’re eating fresh fruits, veggies, grains, beans – all of the things that really make vegan eating fun!

Well Vegan Founder Katie Koteen says:

The idea of Well Vegan came to me after my daughter was born. She had a glut of food allergies that transitioned us from vegetarians to vegans and we’ve never turned back. I discovered that with the right recipes and a little planning it was entirely possible to enjoy some great tasting food while also benefiting from a super healthy diet. But all that meal planning was a lot of work, so I developed a site to make eating a plant-based diet simple.

well vegan

Sure, you can look up recipes online for inspiration or snag a vegan cookbook, but what makes Well Vegan so special is that instead of just recipes for a single meal, you’re planning your eating week-by-week. No more aimless grocery store wandering or ending up with a pantry full of food that somehow doesn’t create a whole meal. Every item on their shopping lists has an intention for the week. It saves time and money.

The other cool thing that Katie mentions about the service is that it helps lift the label-reading burden. Shopping for vegan convenience food can be so tricky, and the Well Vegan plan takes that uncertainty out of the equation. How much time do you spend at the store just reading ingredients labels to make sure that frozen burrito is dairy free or checking for chicken broth on a just-add-water rice dish? I’m a fan of anything that takes the guesswork out of cruelty-free eating!

Of course, the best part about the Well Vegan plan is that you get to eat delicious, plant based food every day like Mediterranean Chickpea Wraps and Pasta with Tomato and Almond Pesto. Each day includes three meals and an afternoon snack, so you won’t go hungry. This isn’t about diet or weight loss. It’s about eating healthy, whole foods.

You can sign up for a free 14-day trial at to see how you like the service, or just plan sign up!

5 comments on “Eating Healthy in the New Year with Well Vegan
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  2. this sounds like a great help for all. After gaining lbs in december i think everyone has a healthy resolution somewhere on their list:) we are reducing deep fried and sweet things this month atleast.. lets see how it goes:)

    • Ooh cutting the sweets is tough! I’ve been trying to do the same. Keeping fresh fruit in the house has helped. Now, when I want ice cream, I grab a tangerine. It’s not the same, but it usually helps quash the sugar craving!

  3. “Healthier” is definitely my mantra for the new year as well. I’ve noticed that vegan/healthy eating is trending this year as NPR did a short series on it last week (this week?). This sounds like an interesting concept, thanks for the link!

    • Ooh yeah! I think I saw some vegan stuff on The Salt this week or last. It’s so great to see folks talking about veganism as something normal and healthy! Maybe 2013 is the year for compassionate eating.

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