Buy Handmade: Getting Organized for the New Year

new years resolution

Happy new year, you guys! Have you chosen a resolution or guiding word for 2013? If organization is part of your plan for this year, having the right tools can help make it easier to get organized for the new year.

Even if you’re not resolving to be more organized in 2013, tackling those little organizing projects can help put you in the right head space to take on whatever you’ve got planned for the new year. I know organizing isn’t exactly glamorous, but don’t you feel like you’re able to think more clearly when your work and living spaces are in good order?

You can hit the big box store for things like planners and storage solutions, but when you buy from those huge companies, you’re often purchasing a lot more than just the product itself. Those mass-produced items usually come from sweatshops in far-away places with a huge carbon footprint to produce and ship them. When you buy handmade, you know that your purchase supports an independent artist working under clean, safe conditions instead. Yay!

These are some of the organizational finds I tracked down on Etsy…

Recycled Paper Calendar

I’m a big believer in writing things down, and a calendar can go such a long way in keeping everything from your appointments to yoga classes straight! This 2013 planner from Letter C Design is beautifully printed on recycled paper. Even better? It’s small enough to fit right in your purse, so you’ll always have it ready to jot down plans and appointments!

Desk Organizer

Never hunt for a pen or paperclip again! Groovy Cool’s desk organizer is perfect for stashing things like pens, pencils, scissors, pins, and tacks. She creates her organizers from recycled cans!

Nesting Crates

These recycled wood crates by Appalachian Arts are perfect for wrangling anything from your desktop to your closet or cabinets. The variety of sizes means you can use them in a few different places and that they stack together compactly if you ever need to store them empty.

Do you have a new year’s resolution or guiding word? My word this year is kindness, and I’d love to talk resolutions in the comments!

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