Happy Striepe-versary, Jenna! #lml



One year ago Lifeline Animal Rescue brought a sweet but completely terrified dog to our house. I can’t imagine our family without Jenna now!

We don’t know Jenna’s actual birthday, but the other day when we were clearing things off of the refrigerator we found the receipt for food, crate, etc from the day we got her: January 13th. They said she was three when we began fostering her, so let’s just say that she is four-ish now. Her birthday might be a mystery, but we celebrate her Striepe-versary today!

We met Jenna at one of Lifeline’s adoption days at the pet store near our house, and we fell in love with her. After visiting her one more time at the shelter and taking her for a walk, we knew we wanted to try fostering this baby.

Jenna's First Day

Dave and Jenna in our back yard on the first day we had her.

Jenna had a bumpy start. She spent the first six months of her life with an animal hoarder, living in a crate. They didn’t even take her out to pee and poop, just threw fresh newspaper down. Sometimes, I fantasize about meeting the person that did that to our dog.

She spent 2 1/2 years at Lifeline, where they rehabilitated her. When she first got there, she wouldn’t even wear a collar. If you put one on her, they said she’d just shut down. She was afraid of people, afraid to go outside…basically afraid of everything. Lifeline is a no-kill shelter, and they devoted time, energy, and love to getting Jenna to an adoptable place.


Jenna when we first adopted her. She looks calm in this photo, but really she is terrified.

She still had a lot of anxiety when we adopted her. For the first 36 hours, she wouldn’t got to the bathroom. All she wanted to do was sit on our livin groom floor and shake. It took her weeks to warm up to us and months of obedience training before she started acting like a normal dog. We took her to Frogs to Dogs, who lets Lifeline fosters take obedience classes for free, and Jenna wouldn’t be the dog the is today without them. Obedience training gave her confidence and helped us bond with her in a way we never could have managed without that help. I am so grateful to them!

Jenna’s still a high-strung dog, to say the least. She is hyper-protective of our house, and she is scared of things like wind. When she’s around just me and Dave, though – or one of a handful of our friends that she knows well enough to trust – she’s a confident, playful, happy pup.

Happy Jenna

Hayyy guys!

She loves to play “touch” – a training game where the dog jumps up and bumps your hand with her nose. She sits and stays and lets you shake her paw. She loves sweet potatoes and any store-bought dog treat that makes our hands smell disgusting, and she’s even sorted out her place in the house among our two cats.

She’s my girl, and I’m so glad that Lifeline found her, so she could become part of our family. At a public shelter Jenna would never have stood a chance, but Lifeline and Frogs to Dogs made a miracle happen, and I love them for it. Happy Striepe-versary, sweet puppin!

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  3. Happy Striepe-versary, Jenna! What a heartwarming story! As sad and disheartening as it is that there are people out there who mistreat animals, it gives me hope that there are others who are willing to devote their love, time, and energy to nurse animals back to emotional health. It sounds like Jenna has had a lot of humans rally to support her, and I’m glad you all found each other. What a blessing for all of you.

  4. So happy to have stumbled across your blog and had the opportunity to meet Jenna! I think we’d all like to *meet* the person who had her first. PS there are tons of non-stinky dog treats that my dog loves; her current faves are PB&J from Bocce’s Bakery and they smell divine.

  5. happy Striepeversary to Jenna! I am so glad that Jenna found you. Dogs like her are put down the minute they end up at a regular shelter. Thank god that she landed at lifeline and then with you. I would want to do the same to the people who kept her that way.
    I am so so happy for her now and thank you so much for all the hard work and patience you put in.
    Our rescue pom was left home alone for 18 hours and after almost 3 years of doing so, the peeps realized they should drop him at the shelter. he had so much love when we met him and we were instantly his. We foster on an off and each one of the fosters comes with their story. One came from a puppy mill and he took 3 weeks to even start acknowledging us and wag his tail and he was the better of the lot. His only fear issue was pooping instantly around new people. but he grew out of it soon after adoption into a loving family.

    Thank you once again for being there for Jenna. She is so beautiful.Tight hugs!!

  6. She definitely deserves you guys. What a great story. I have fostered 3 dogs so far in my life. Unfortunately for me, 2 of them were stolen- blame Miami. People are crude. I love animals. We now have a parrot, she’s surprisingly domesticated now, lol. I can’t wait to see how Jenna is going to interact with the newborn :) I am sure she will be great!

    • That is one of my nightmares! Jenna has a little bit of pit in her, so I worry about her getting stolen and used to fight.

      A parrot! Have you taught her to say anything?

  7. You have so much love and patience — not everyone would be able to invest so much time and caring into helping a sad dog become a happy dog. I’m so glad you found each other. My sweet rescue dog was a stray, then in a high-kill shelter, before being claimed by a rescue group and finding her way to us. I’m amazed she survived with so few emotional scars, but every so often something will happen that reminds me she is still learning to feel safe.

  8. What a sweet story! Thanks for adopting an abused dog. My dog, Patience, a Great Pyrenees mix, is a rescue. I don’t know her past as she was dumped at my parents house with three around 4-6 month old puppies. She was very fearful of somethings when I got her but now she is much better. She still is not happy about bathes or being around a hose but she doesn’t freak out, she just leaves calmly if she can. She is scared of other dogs and cats sometimes, not sure if she was attacked or something. She loves bunnies though, we have wild rabbits in our yard and she really wants them to play with her, she never chases them, just calmly walks up to them. She is a sweetheart and I swear she knows we saved her life and is grateful.

    • Aw, she sounds like a sweetheart! I think Jenna’s fears center around anything unexpected, since she didn’t really get to be a puppy and explore/learn that different situations aren’t always scary.

      I love that Patience loves bunnies! That is a super adorable mental image.

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