Shooting Star Bunting for our Space-Themed Nursery

Shooting Star Bunting for our Space-Themed Nursery

Before our nursery even had a theme, I knew I wanted to make bunting to go on the wall. This shooting star bunting is perfect for the space theme we chose!

Traditionally, bunting is made by stringing triangles or other flag-shapes onto ribbon, but who says your bunting has to be traditional or ordinary? For our spacey nursery, I decided to use felt stars instead of the usual shapes.

I’ve probably mentioned before that we’re doing a space nursery, and it’s been so much fun shopping for space-themed art and making some of my own! The rocket ship baby blanket is all done up, and a decided to make one of the fitted crib sheets by hand. There are just a few space-themed crafts left on my to do list, and this bunting was one of the big to-dos. My plan is to drape this shooting star bunting behind the crib, so our babe can fly through space every night!

I want this to go from almost the ceiling to just past the top of the crib, so I created six six-foot strands of bunting. Depending on what you’re making this for, you might need more or less. The directions here are for one piece of six foot long bunting, and you can add length easily to accommodate whatever space you’re filling!

How to Make Bunting


  • 6 6″ recycled felt stars – you can use my printable star template to cut them out! After you cut your first star out of your recycled felt, you can use the felt stars as your template – that way you can pin and cut in batches.
  • 6 feet of organic cotton ribbon. I used this ribbon with sky blue stripes. I like that the stripes will help my stitching blend in a bit, and that blue is in our color scheme.
  • thread that matches the color of your stars
  • sewing machine, iron, scissors, pins


1. Cut out your stars. Like I mention in the materials list, I did this in batches. So, I cut out the first six stars, then pinned them six at a time to the felt. Working in batches like this makes it go much faster. You can double up the felt and still get a pretty accurate cut:

pinned stars


2. Cut a 6 foot piece of ribbon, then iron the ribbon and your stars.

3. Pin the stars to your ribbon. You’re going to pin the first star 6″ from the end of the ribbon and leave 4″ in between each star. I’d use at least two pins per star, so they stay firmly in place, and you want two points of each star touching the ribbon, so your bunting will be nice and secure. When you pin the last star, you should have 6″ of tail left on the other end of your ribbon, to.

star bunting pinned

4. Thread up that machine, and send your bunting through! Sew carefully straight up the middle of the ribbon, making sure to backstitch at either end, so your stitching will be secure. Iron one more time to set your stitching, and you’re ready to hang!

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  5. ooh i cant wait for the the pictures of the completed nursery. 4 of my friends are in different stages of pregnancy. one just delivered and their nursery is trees and stars and it is so cute!

    • That sounds adorable, Richa! We are going with a space theme, so lots of stars, rockets, and robots everywhere. Dave and I are both sci-fi nerds, so we knew we wanted a space-themed room before we knew the sex or anything.

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