Buy Handmade: Tea Time!

Tea Time

We’re having a pretty mild winter, but it’s still been dipping below freezing from time to time here in Atlanta in the last couple of weeks. This calls for tea time!

Since I’ve been pregnant, I’ve been even more into tea than I was before! There’s a raspberry leaf Mother to Be Tea that I’m kind of obsessed with, and I have what you might call a “chai problem.” Now that it’s chillier out, I’m drinking at least a couple of mugs a day, and I bet that you guys are upping your tea game, too. A good mug of tea is like a warm hug, especially in the middle of winter.

If your tea routine can use a little boost, check out these awesome handmade tea goodies!

Chai Tea Kit

I told you, I have a problem! But this chai tea kit from Purpose Design just might be the cure. It comes with all of the Fair Trade, organic ingredients you need to mix up your very own blend of chai tea! How fun is that??

Stamped Orange Mug

Of course, I couldn’t talk tea without including a mug from my favorite local potter: Jeanette Zeis! I love her stamped dishware, and her cheery orange Vegan mug warms my heart just looking at it.

Not Your Grandma’s Tea Cozy

Keep that mug piping hot with a super cute organic tea cozy! This one from Scary White Girl has a secret pocket on the inside, where you can stash a punch card for your local coffee shop.

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