Survey Says: Green Smoothies are Cool!

green smoothies

My friend Robin Shreeves who writes for Mother Nature Network hipped me to a recent survey from AllRecipes (pdf) that looked at upcoming food trends for 2013, and I was so excited to see that green smoothies were getting even more popular!

You can read more about the rest of the 2013 food trends in Robin’s piece over at MNN, but here’s what the report had to say about green smoothies:

Home juicing and smoothie-making were on the rise in 2012, and we expect this trend to continue in 2013. More than 56% of home cooks tried making a smoothie or fresh juice last year, although older cooks are less likely to experiment (64% aged 18-29, compared with 48% aged 60+). The most popular regions for freshly squeezed juice and smoothies are the West and South, perhaps due to so many health-conscious and heat-conscious residents?

The majority trying this juicy option say their main incentive is “because it’s delicious” (73%), followed by “health benefits” (64%). Saving a buck or two by making your own sweet smoothie goodness doesn’t hurt either: 15% say it’s “to save money.” Although everyone is drinking them, the younger you are, the more likely you are to cite health as a reason for drinking a smoothie… perhaps green smoothies aren’t as appealing to someone over 60?

It sounds like green smoothies are getting more popular, but they still have a ways to go. If you’ve been wanting to get in on the green smoothie action but aren’t sure where to start, check out my ebook: 40 Days of Green Smoothies!

Would you rather just dip your toe rather than invest the $4.99? I totally understand. Try this orange ginger green smoothie recipe on for size!

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