Not sure what to do for Lent? How about a green smoothie challenge!

Green Smoothie Challenge

Right before I dropped him off at work yesterday, Dave reminded me that Lent starts this week. Holy moly, is 2013 flying by or what??

I’m not a religious person, but I kind of love Lent. It’s a great chance to push yourself – to try something you’ve never tried, to change a habit, or to start a brand new one. Traditionally you give something up for Lent, but last year I decided instead to do something healthy for myself every day. I drank a green smoothie every day for 40 days and documented it to keep myself accountable.

What started as a personal challenge grew into my very first book – 40 Days of Green Smoothies – which I published back in November. It’s got all of my smoothie recipes along with weekly shopping lists and tips to help anyone else who wants to try to kickstart a green smoothie habit!

Green Smoothie Challenge

Are you up for a green smoothie challenge? You can either pick up a copy of my book and play along there or make your own daily green smoothie recipes as you go. If you’re planning to wing it, here are a couple of green smoothie recipes to get you started:

All you have to do to participate is make yourself a green smoothie every day until the end of Lent. I’m happy to help you with tips and suggestions – just send me a note through my site’s contact page or drop a comment on this post!

You don’t have to drink your green smoothies in the morning. On a busy day, try whipping one up for a snack or even as dessert after supper. The idea is to work those raw greens into your diet every day to give your body a nutrient boost.

Are any of you down for the challenge? Let’s do this thing!

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