EZ Tofu Press Winner

baked mushroom tofu

Today is the day! Thank you all so much for your great comments on my EZ Tofu Press giveaway! I loved reading all of your delicious tofu preparation ideas, and there are a few in there I’m definitely going to try out.

I used a random number generator to choose the winner, and the winner isss………

random number

Jamie W. who said:

My kiddos love when I make soft tofu peanut butter cups for them in ramekin dishes with a crushed graham cracker bottom and hard dark chocolate top.

My favorite is teriyaki baked tofu. I found a good recipe online. Pressing the liquid out is essential to have it turn out properly.

Yay! A big thank you to my sponsors at EZ Tofu Press and to all of you guys that entered the giveaway. Jamie, I’ll send you an email today, so that you can claim your prize!

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