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stenciling onesies

Handmade Charlotte sent me some stencils to try out, so obviously I needed to make some stenciled onesies for Darrol Henry!

I don’t do a ton of stenciling, and a big part of the reason is that the stencils you find at the craft store are made from plastic, and I try to avoid plastic in my crafting when I can. That’s why I was super excited when my friend Rachel Faucett’s company Handmade Charlotte contacted me about trying out her new paper stencils!

Cardboard has a fraction of the footprint that plastic does, and these stencils are nice and sturdy. Rachel sent me a sweet set of supplies to go along with her stencils: chalkboard paint and acrylic paints in red, yellow and blue. She also included a couple of very cute round cardboard boxes that she’d decorated with her own stencils:

boxes Handmade Charlotte

The super awesome company Plaid – the folks who make Mod Podge – are producing these stencils with Rachel’s design, which rocks! So many big companies just rip off indie designers, but Plaid kept it classy and teamed up with Rachel to produce stencils with her designs. High five, Plaid!

Stenciled Onesies

When I was pregnant, I registered for some organic, plain onesies thinking that I would decorate them later on for our babe. These stencils were the perfect chance to make Darrol some custom baby fashions! Check out a couple of the cute baby onesies I made using the Handmade Charlotte stencils and water-based screen printing ink for fabric that I had in my stash:

stenciling onesies

superhero onesie

Stenciling Tips

Like I said, I don’t do a ton of stenciling – as you can probably tell from some of the noob mistakes I made on these onesies – but it was a lot of fun to decorate these for my little man! Here are a few of the things I learned as I went:

  • Weigh it down! Use something to weigh down the stencils while you paint them to keep them from bleeding.
  • Choose the right paint. The thinner the paint, the more your design will bleed. Use thin coats of thicker paint instead.

stencilied arrow onesie

  • Don’t forget the back. When you’re painting a garment, slide a piece of thin cardboard inside so the paint won’t seep through to the back.
  • Mix and Match! I wanted an outline on the superhero design instead of a solid shield, so I used the inside part of one badge to create white space.

Do you guys have any more stenciling tips? I want to play with these more! We have some super boring white diaper covers that probably need an anchor or some hearts and stars on them!

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